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Flash Cards

(PDF files)


Chapter 1 Chapter 12
Chapter 2 Chapter 13
Chapter 3 Chapter 14
Chapter 5 Chapter 15
Chapter 6 Chapter 16
Chapter 7 Chapter 17
Chapter 8 Chapter 18
Chapter 10 Chapter 19
Chapter 11 Chapter 21


Chapter 1a Chapter 16c Minor V
Chapter 1b Chapter 16d Minor V7
Chapter 1c Chapter 17a
Chapter 1d Chapter 17b
Chapter 2a Chapter 17c
Chapter 2b Chapter 17d
Chapter 2c Chapter 18a
Chapter 2d Chapter 18b
Chapter 3a Chapter 18c
Chapter 3b Chapter 18d
Chapter 3c Chapter 19a ii Major Mode
Chapter 3d Chapter 19b iii Major Mode
Chapter 7a Chapter 19c vi Major Mode
Chapter 7b Chapter 19d vii Major Mode
Chapter 7c Chapter 19e ii Minor Mode
Chapter 7d Chapter 19f III Minor Mode
Chapter 9a Dominant Chapter 19g VI Minor Mode
Chapter 9b Dominant Chapter 19h VII Minor Mode
Chapter 9c Dominant Chapter 20a Raised 4 Major
Chapter 9d Dominant Chapter 20b Lower 7
Chapter 9e V7 Chapter 20c Raised Tonic
Chapter 9f V7 Chapter 20d Raised 2
Chapter 9g V7 Chapter 20e Lowered 3
Chapter 9h V7 Chapter 20f Raised 6th
Chapter 10a Dominant Chapter 20g Raised 4 Minor
Chapter 10b Dominant Chapter 20h Raised 3 Minor
Chapter 10c Dominant Chapter 21a Raised 4 Major
Chapter 10d Dominant Chapter 21b Raised 4 Minor
Chapter 10e V7 Chapter 21c Lower 7 Major
Chapter 10f V7 Chapter 21d Raised Tonic Major
Chapter 10g V7 Chapter 21e Raised 2 Major
Chapter 10h V7 Chapter 21f Raised 3 Minor
Chapter 16a Major V Chapter 23a Major-Minor
Chapter 16b Major V7 Chapter 23b Minor-Major

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