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UK Edition

The Oxford University Press edition of Music in Words is based on the conventions and rules of language that apply in the USA and those other countries where US conventions are favored. American conventions differ significantly from conventions used in the UK: some words have different spellings, there are grammatical variances, and sometimes different words are used to convey the same meanings. Obvious examples are words used for note values: crotchets and quavers in British usage are more easily understood in American English as, respectively, quarter notes and eighth notes; 'measures' are referred to as 'bars' in UK usage.

Some of the most obvious differences are addressed in the US edition, but there are so many such variances, some of them subtle but extremely important, that there is a different edition which deals with UK conventions and styles.

The UK edition is published by ABRSM and a separate website supports it.

View the website for the UK edition of Music in Words.

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