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Track Number Track Name Book page number Stream
0.1 Jerry Fernandes: "Behind the curtain" 5 See Video
1.1 Leslie Godinho: "Shadow pictures" 50 See Video
2.1 Leslie Godinho: "I made that drum set" 60 See Video
3.1 Anthony Gonsalves: The A-R-P Group, Ram Singh, and Notation 93 See Video
4.1 Dattaram Waadkar: "Ghar aya mere pardesi" and Lala Gangawane 132 See Video
4.2 Kishore Desai: The Gene Kelly Music Competition 148 See Video
5.1 Manohari Singh: The beginnings of Vasu-Manohari 168 See Video
5.2 J. V. Acharya: Arranging and notation 168 See Video
5.3 Manohari Singh: Sittings 169 See Video
5.4 Dattaram Waadkar: "Dattaram ka theka" [Dattaram"s rhythm] 173 See Video
6.1 Dattaram Waadkar: Playing for recordings 188 See Video
6.2 Jerry Fernandes: The economics of sittings and rehearsals 191 See Video
6.3 J. V. Acharya: Rehearsals and background music 192 See Video
7.1 Anthony Gonsalves: Western music in the film line 242 See Video
8.1 Leslie Godinho: Notation, drumming, and drum words [bols] 265 See Video
8.2 Manohari Singh: "How did we do all that work?" 279 See Video

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