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J. T. Ramsey

Sallust's Bellum Catilinae

Second Edition   
Edited by J. T. Ramsey

ISBN13: 978-0-19-532085-5    

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The files posted here are designed to enhance and update the 2nd edition of Sallust's BELLUM CATILINAE by John T. Ramsey (2007). The file "Errata et Corrigenda" lists all changes that were made to the latest reprint (Feb. 2010) that are of any consequence. The "Who's Who" file contains the names and brief biographical descriptions of all figures who appear more than once in Sallust's BC. It should aid readers in keeping track of the cast of characters. The annotated Supplementary Bibliography (updated in July 2010) now contains 84 titles and includes works that have appeared since the preparation of the 2nd edition, as well as some older publications that did not find a place in the print edition. The Amalgamated Bibliography incorporates alphabetically the 84 items of the 2010 supplement into the Bibliography of the 2007 print edition.

The complete Latin text is made available in two formats, which may be downloaded free of charge. The PDF file preserves the length of the lines in the printed edition, with notations of page numbers in the margin. The Word file will permit users to adjust the size of the font, line spacing, and width of margins to suit personal needs. By printing out either file, it will possible for the Latin text and commentary to be used side by side. In both files, brief headings in English have been added to make navigation of the Latin text easier.

The English-to-Latin Vocabulary file  includes all words encountered in the Bellum Catilinae and is reproduced from the 1901 Ginn & Company edition of that work by Allen and Greenough, revised by J. B. Greenough and M. G. Daniell.

Please send comments and corrigenda to the author at jtramsey@uic.edu.

Book Description

In his Bellum Catilinae, C. Sallustius Crispus or Sallust (86-35/34 B.C.) recounts the dramatic events of 63 B.C., when a disgruntled and impoverished nobleman, L. Sergius Catilina, turned to armed revolution after two electoral defeats. Among his followers were a group of heavily indebted young aristocrats, the Roman poor, and a military force in the north of Italy. With his trademark archaizing style, Sallust skillfully captures the drama of the times, including an early morning attempt to assassinate the consul Cicero and two emotionally charged speeches, by Julius Caesar and Cato the Younger, in a senatorial debate over the fate of the arrested conspirators. Sallust wrote while the Roman Republic was being transformed into an empire during the turbulent first century B.C.

The Bellum Catilinae is well-suited for second-year or advanced Latin study and provides a fitting introduction to the richness of Latin literature, while also pointing the way to a critical investigation of late-Republican government and historiography. Ramsey's introduction and commentary bring the text to life for Latin students. This new edition includes two maps and two city plans, an updated and now annotated bibliography, a list of divergences from the 1991 Oxford Classical Text of Sallust, and revisions in the introduction and commentary.

Product Details

280 pages; 4 line illus.; 6-1/8 x 9-1/4;
ISBN13: 978-0-19-532085-5

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