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Selected Photographs, 1944

The best-known photographs of Appalachian Spring date from 1944 and 1945. The first set, from late October 1944, were taken by an unknown photographer, probably employed by the Library of Congress, at the Coolidge Auditorium during dress rehearsal. These were digitized by the Library of Congress and can be accessed through this website. The second set comprises studio photographs by Arnold S. Eagle (1909–92), a New York photographer, the prints of which are preserved in the Martha Graham Collection (Performing Arts Reading Room, Library of Congress).

The cast in these production photographs are

Bride: Martha Graham

Husbandman: Erick Hawkins

Pioneer Woman: May O’Donnell

Revivalist: Merce Cunningham

Four Followers: Nina Fonaroff, Pearl Lang, Marjorie Mazia, and Yuriko

Appalachian Spring, Production Photographs, October 27[?], 1944, Coolidge Auditorium, Library of Congress, Photographer Unknown.

Stage Set

The stage set by Isamu Noguchi for the premiere of Appalachian Spring. Photographer unknown.

thumbnail image: CWS_05_as1944a

Full Cast; beginning of work

thumbnail image: CWS_05_as1944b.jpg

Erick Hawkins

thumbnail image: CWS_05_as1944c.jpg

Martha Graham and Erick Hawkins

thumbnail image: CWS_05_as1944d.jpg

Full Cast: “Sunday Walk” I

thumbnail image: CWS_05_as1944e.jpg

Full Cast: “Sunday Walk” II

thumbnail image: CWS_05_as1944f.jpg

Erick Hawkins

thumbnail image: CWS_05_as1944g.jpg

May O’Donnell

thumbnail image: CWS_05_as1944h.jpg

Martha Graham and Erick Hawkins, final pose at end of work

thumbnail image: CWS_05_as1944i.jpg

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