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Martha Graham’s Scripts

Daughter of Colchis

Before July 1942

Graham sent this script to Copland on July 7, 1942 (see letter) as an initial idea for their collaboration. Daughter of Colchis is a scenario based on the Medea myth. Copland rejected it as “too severe.”

thumbnail image: CWS_02_01_colchis.jpg

House of Victory

Early May 1943

This scenario is the first version of what would become Appalachian Spring. Graham sent it to Copland on May 16, 1943 (see letter). She hopes that it will be “something you can work with.” The scenario has annotations in Copland’s hand.

thumbnail image: CWS_02_02_victory.jpg


Early June 1943

This pages outlines Graham’s suggested timings for Part I of House of Victory. She announces the timings in a letter from May 29, 1943.

thumbnail image: CWS_02_03_timing.jpg


Before July 10, 1943

Simply titled with the placeholder “Name,” Graham sent Copland a revised version of the scenario on July 10, 1943, accompanied by a letter that justifies her changes. This script has a number of annotations in Copland’s hand.

thumbnail image: CWS_02_04_name.jpg


Before September 5, 1943

Graham sent another scenario to Copland in September 1943 where, as she wrote in her accompanying letter, she “added a little something to the end.”

thumbnail image: CWS_02_05_name2

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