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Other Documents

Notes for a Press Release

Late September 1944

Typed draft for the press release, possibly by Erick Hawkins. Annotations in pencil by Harold Spivacke.

thumbnail image: CWS_07_01_press_release.jpg

Program for the Tenth Festival of Chamber Music

Appalachian Spring was premiered on October 30, 1944, in the context of the tenth annual chamber-music festival held at the Library of Congress.

thumbnail image: CWS_07_02_program.jpg

Aaron Copland: Notes on the Composition of Appalachian Spring

Undated notes in Copland’s hand in preparation for a lecture.

thumbnail images: CWS_07_03_copland_notes.jpg

Erick Hawkins: Notes on Appalachian Spring

Ten pages of undated notes on the commission of Appalachian Spring from Hawkins’s perspective, written well after the fact, probably in the 1960s or 1970s.

thumbnail images: CWS_07_04_hawkins.jpg

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