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Chapter 4

Screen shots of Websites of Unfiltered Sources

Screenshot of PubMed’s home page. PubMed is free at www.pubmed.gov.


Inline image 4

Screen shot of PubMed’s Clinical Queries’- search page, which is a free PubMed option geared specifically for practitioners seeking EBP answers. PubMed Clinical Queries is at www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/clinical


Inline image 2

Screen shot of EBSCO’s search platform for CINAHL. More information for this subscription resource is available at www.ebscohost.com/nursing/products/cinahl-databases/cinahl-complete.


Inline image 3

Screen shot of the free CORK database Search at www.projectcork.org.


Inline image 1

Screen shot of Google Scholar’s search engine, which is accessible free at www.scholar.google.com. This Google product searches “scholarly sources” including journal articles, book chapters, graduate theses, institutional repositories, and conference proceedings across many disciplines.


Inline image 7

Screen shot of the TRIP database a EBP search engine available at www.tripdatabase.com.


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