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Chapter 3

Screen shots of Websites of Background and Filtered Sources

Screen shot of Medscape’s home page at emedicine.medscape.com. Medscape is a free, continuously updated evidence-based resource that provides background information.


Inline image 8

Screen shot of NREPP’s intervention search. NREPP is a free database of behavioral health and substance abuse treatments at www.nrepp.samhsa.gov.


Inline image 9

Screen shot of the search engine Google’s home page at www.google.com.


Inline image 1

Screen shot of the Wikipedia page for “Addiction” (as of March 2016). Wikipedia ( www.wikipedia.org) is a Web-based encyclopedia that provides over 35 million articles on background information on a wide range of topics.


Screen shot of the Cochrane Library home page on the Wiley platform at www.cochranelibrary.com.


Inline image 6

Screen shot of the Campbell Collaboration (C2) Library of Systematic Reviews. This free resource is available at www.campbellcollaboration.org/lib/.


Screen shot of the BMJ Clinical Evidence home page available via subscription at www.clinicalevidence.com.

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