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Review Quiz

  1. Jesus died around _____.
      a. 20 CE
      b. 30 CE
      c. 50 CE
      d. 70 CE
  2. Who is the earliest of the New Testament writers?
      a. the author of the Gospel of John
      b. the author of Hebrews
      c. the author of the Gospel of Matthew
      d. Paul
  3. In what language were the New Testament Gospels written?
      a. Hebrew
      b. Aramaic
      c. Greek
      d. Coptic
  4. Which canonical Gospel was probably written last?
      a. Matthew
      b. Mark
      c. Luke
      d. John
  5. The early Christian mission was conducted primarily _____.
      a. through public preaching to large numbers of people
      b. through private interactions
      c. in revivals
      d. by distributing copies of the New Testament
  6. The literacy rate in antiquity is thought to have been between _____.
      a. 1–5%
      b. 10–15%
      c. 20–25%
      d. 40–45%
  7. The term “moral truth” describes _____.
      a. something that is true but did not happen
      b. an historical event that is morally correct
      c. a rule in Greco-Roman society
      d. a Jewish Passover tradition
  8. The circulation of oral traditions about Jesus _____.
      a. maintained accurate, eyewitness reports
      b. occurred only within Palestine
      c. was tightly controlled
      d. produced many differences in the stories
  9. What is commemorated by the Jewish festival of Passover?
      a. the exodus from Egypt
      b. the crucifixion of Jesus
      c. the building of the Temple
      d. the giving of the Law to Moses
  10. According to the Gospel of John, Jesus died _____.
      a. the day before the Passover meal
      b. the week before Passover
      c. the day after the Passover meal
      d. the week after Passover
  11. Which of the New Testament Gospels begins with a mention of its sources?
      a. Mark
      b. Matthew
      c. Luke
      d. John
  12. Ancient biographies are most concerned with which of the following?
      a. recording complete factual data
      b. inner development of the subject
      c. portraying essential character traits
      d. using only written sources
  13. The New Testament Gospels are _____.
      a. anonymous
      b. eyewitness accounts
      c. written by Paul
      d. written in Aramaic
  14. When were the names Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John attached to the New Testament Gospels?
      a. when they were originally composed
      b. first century CE
      c. second century CE
      d. third century CE
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