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Reading Guide

  1. Be able to summarize the basic narrative of the book of Revelation.

  2. How is the term “apocalypse” distinct from the term “apocalypticism.”

  3. What are the typical literary characteristics of apocalypses?

  4. What is meant by “violent repetitions”?

  5. In what ways is the book of Revelation like and unlike other apocalypses?

  6. How, in your judgment, does understanding Revelation in terms of other apocalypses help you to interpret the meaning of the book, including its bizarre symbolism?

  7. Who wrote the book of Revelation? What do we know about the author?

  8. Do you think the same author wrote the Gospel of John and Revelation? Why or why not?

  9. To whom was Revelation written? What can be determined about the book’s social context?

  10. When was Revelation likely written? What evidence supports the dating of the book?

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