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Review Quiz

  1. The epistle of James seeks to do all of the following except _____.
      a. warn against false prophets
      b. clarify Paul's teachings on faith
      c. teach that faith is apparent in action
      d. teach communal ethics
  2. The Didache is _____.
      a. a gospel
      b. an epistle
      c. a church manual
      d. an apocalypse
  3. The author of the epistle of Jude _____.
      a. is anonymous
      b. claims to be James' brother
      c. claims to be a disciple of Paul
      d. is probably the bishop in Rome
  4. The author of 2 Peter probably _____.
      a. was Jesus' disciple
      b. used 1 Timothy
      c. knew the New Testament
      d. used Jude
  5. Many of the admonitions in James are similar to _____.
      a. parts of Matthew's Sermon on the Mount
      b. parts of the Gospel of John
      c. the views of the Johannine secessionists
      d. warnings in Revelation
  6. The author of James draws most of his examples of ethical behavior from _____.
      a. the Didache
      b. the Gospels
      c. Paul's letters
      d. the Hebrew Bible
  7. A large portion of Jude is occupied with _____.
      a. invective against the opposition
      b. praise of his audience
      c. the author discussing himself
      d. references to Paul
  8. The reference to the opponents' “cleverly devised myths” in 2 Peter suggests _____.
      a. the opponents are likely Gnostic Christians
      b. the opponents are likely pagans
      c. the opponents are making use of the Homeric epics
      d. the opponents are relying on one of the canonical Gospels
  9. Which of the following texts depicts Peter resurrecting a tuna?
      a. 2 Peter
      b. the Acts of Peter
      c. the Apocalypse of Paul
      d. the Didache
  10. The Johannine epistles were probably written _____.
      a. after the Gospel of John
      b. before the Gospel of John
      c. by the same author as the Gospel
      d. by the disciple John
  11. The author of the Johannine epistles was _____.
      a. currently living in the community
      b. Gaius
      c. a secessionist
      d. writing from some distance
  12. The Johannine epistles _____.
      a. are all about the same length
      b. address the same leader
      c. were written by the same person
      d. all contain the typical parts of a Greco-Roman letter
  13. 1 John is best understood as a _____.
      a. biography
      b. history of the community
      c. letter
      d. persuasive essay
  14. What was the most important event that had occurred within the Johannine community at the time the epistles were written?
      a. Jesus' death
      b. the death of the beloved disciple
      c. a schism in the community
      d. false prophets coming to town
  15. The Christians that left the Johannine community were probably _____.
      a. Docetists
      b. proto-Orthodox
      c. Montanists
      d. Jews
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