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Review Quiz

  1. Many ancient historians express a preference for _____.
      a. oral sources over written ones
      b. written sources over oral ones
      c. biographies
      d. dedicating their work to a Roman official
  2. Acts is organized _____.
      a. chronologically
      b. thematically
      c. to coincide with Paul's letters
      d. haphazardly
  3. Both the Gospel of Luke and Acts highlight the significance of which of the following cities?
      a. Nazareth
      b. Bethlehem
      c. Rome
      d. Jerusalem
  4. One similarity between Jesus in the Gospel of Luke and the apostles in Acts is _____.
      a. they are all rejected
      b. they are all called sons of God
      c. they all receive the Holy Spirit at Pentecost
      d. they all ascend to heaven
  5. The book of Acts focuses on _____.
      a. the preaching of the gospel exclusively to Jews
      b. the spread of the gospel to Gentiles
      c. the preaching of the gospel only in Jerusalem
      d. the actions of all twelve apostles
  6. In the Gospel of Luke and in Acts, the end of the world is expected _____.
      a. immediately
      b. within the disciples' lifetime
      c. never
      d. after the gospel has been spread throughout the world
  7. The most significant convert in Acts is _____.
      a. Peter
      b. Paul
      c. Thecla
      d. Theophilus
  8. Acts ends with _____.
      a. Paul preaching in Spain
      b. Peter in Jerusalem
      c. Paul under arrest
      d. Jesus' return
  9. Which of the following is not a central character in Acts?
      a. God/the Holy Spirit
      b. Paul
      c. Peter
      d. Mary Magdalene
  10. The new disciple in Acts was chosen by _____.
      a. Peter
      b. Paul
      c. a vote
      d. casting lots
  11. According to Acts, Paul is converted by _____.
      a. Jesus
      b. Peter
      c. Judas
      d. The Gospel of Luke
  12. At Pentecost, the disciples _____.
      a. are drunk
      b. speak in the native languages of those gathered
      c. hide for fear of arrest
      d. eat the Passover meal with Jesus
  13. In Acts, Luke depicts Jesus' death as _____.
      a. deserved
      b. a miscarriage of justice
      c. an atonement for sin
      d. as fundamentally unimportant
  14. The first martyr in Christian history is _____.
      a. Paul
      b. Peter
      c. Stephen
      d. Matthias
  15. Acts reports that on his journey to Rome, Paul _____.
      a. is rescued by Peter
      b. meets with Thecla
      c. is involved in a shipwreck
      d. converts thousands of Jews
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