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Multiple Choice Quiz

  1. The king of Bashan was:
      a. Sihon
      b. Og
      c. Chemosh
      d. Phinehas
  2. The Amalekites appear to have been herders of:
      a. camels
      b. sheep
      c. goats
      d. cattle
  3. The spies return from the land of Canaan with all of the following except:
      a. grapes
      b. pomegranates
      c. honey
      d. figs
  4. The seraphim are:
      a. serpents
      b. peoples
      c. quarrels
      d. priests
  5. The rebellions by the priests Dathan and Abiram provide an etiology for the decline of the tribe of ____________:
      a. Levi
      b. Reuben
      c. Manasseh
      d. Simeon
  6. Who hired Balaam to curse the Israelites?
      a. Og
      b. Sihon
      c. Gideon
      d. Balak
  7. What was the farthest point into the land of Canaan that the spies reached?
      a. Bethlehem
      b. Jerusalem
      c. Jericho
      d. Hebron
  8. According to the case of the daughters of Zelophehad, the daughters could only keep their inheritance if they:
      a. took a vow
      b. married within the tribe
      c. paid for it
      d. were already married
  9. A term used for the deified dead is:
      a. bemidbar
      b. Rephaim
      c. shadday
      d. nazirite
  10. How many cities of refuge were given to the Levites?
      a. two
      b. six
      c. ten
      d. forty-eight
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