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Multiple Choice Quiz

  1. The type of law that is characterized by absolute or general commands and prohibitions is:
      a. Decalogue
      b. casuistic
      c. apodictic
      d. Code of Hammurapi
  2. The cherubim consisted of two gold statues of
      a. calves
      b. sphinxes
      c. serpents
      d. winged divine beings
  3. The Ritual Decalogue apparently forbids all of the following except:
      a. eating certain foods
      b. intermarriage
      c. work on sabbath
      d. graven images
  4. According to P, the ark contained all of the following except:
      a. a jar of manna
      b. Aaron's staff
      c. the shofar
      d. tablets inscribed with the covenant
  5. The main source of the Holiness Code appears to be:
      a. P
      b. D
      c. H
      d. E
  6. The altar described in Exodus 20.25–26 should be made of:
      a. semiprecious stones
      b. acacia wood
      c. unhewn stones
      d. gold
  7. All of the following items were found in the tabernacle except a(n):
      a. gold lampstand
      b. incense altar
      c. table of acacia
      d. golden calf
  8. All are theories that attempt to explain the purity laws except:
      a. atonement
      b. health
      c. cultural differentiation
      d. social order
  9. ___________________ interprets the golden calves as idols of false gods:
      a. D
      b. The Deuteronomistic Historian
      c. P
      d. Moses
  10. The Philistines apparently emigrated from:
      a. Egypt
      b. the Aegean Sea
      c. Babylon
      d. Arabia
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