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Multiple Choice Quiz

  1. How many versions of the Ten Commandments appear in the Pentateuch?
      a. one
      b. two
      c. three
      d. four
  2. In addition to manna, God also provided the Israelites with __________ to eat:
      a. generic fowl
      b. quail
      c. dove
      d. rooster
  3. The region south of Egypt known as Nubia is sometimes called _________ in the Bible
      a. Cush
      b. Moab
      c. Libya
      d. Sinai
  4. All are names of Moses's father-in-law in the Bible except:
      a. Jethro
      b. Hiram
      c. Reuel
      d. Hobab
  5. Midian is probably located in:
      a. Arabia
      b. Sinai
      c. Syria
      d. Egypt
  6. The kings of Hatti were rulers of:
      a. Hittites
      b. Ammonites
      c. Amalekites
      d. Akkadians
  7. The creation of the judiciary distributed Moses's authority and burden to _________ elders:
      a. 60
      b. 70
      c. 72
      d. 100
  8. Hittite treaties may include the following elements except:
      a. Identification of the suzerain
      b. Stipulations imposed on the vassal
      c. Human witnesses to the treaty
      d. Blessing for observance of the treaty
  9. Deuteronomy invokes ___________________ as witnesses to the covenant between Yahweh and Israel:
      a. the sun and the moon
      b. the mountains and the stars
      c. the gods of the pantheon
      d. heaven and earth
  10. The social setting implied in the Decalogue is:
      a. monarchic
      b. nomadic
      c. agrarian
      d. egalitarian
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