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Multiple Choice Quiz

  1. In the non-P account of the call of Moses, God appears to Moses on top of the mountain in the form of:
      a. a human
      b. a dove
      c. a burning bush
      d. a cloud
  2. Moses's father-in-law is________.
      a. pharaoh
      b. Jochebed
      c. Amram
      d. Jethro
  3. The first sign that Aaron performs is:
      a. darkness
      b. turning the Nile to blood
      c. turning his staff into a snake
      d. hail
  4. All of the following are associated with Sinai except:
      a. Horeb
      b. a burning bush
      c. the mountain of God
      d. Zaphon
  5. Aaron is featured most prominently in which source?
      a. J
      b. E
      c. P
      d. D
  6. All of the following titles are associated with Miriam except:
      a. midwife
      b. sister of Moses
      c. prophet
      d. author of the Song of the Sea
  7. In Ugaritic myth, the storm-god is known as:
      a. Baal
      b. Yahweh
      c. Re
      d. Zeus
  8. The closest parallel to Moses's rescue from the Nile is the account of:
      a. Jesus
      b. Dionysus
      c. Sargon
      d. Utnapishtim
  9. All of the following episodes are repeated in Exodus 3.13–7.7 except:
      a. the ancestral genealogy
      b. Aaron's appointment as spokesperson
      c. the announcement of the plagues
      d. the revelation of the divine name
  10. Moses's son was circumcised by:
      a. Moses
      b. Aaron
      c. Zipporah
      d. Jethro
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