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Multiple Choice Quiz

  1. The traditional author of the Pentateuch is:
      a. Moses
      b. Ezra
      c. Joshua
      d. Yahweh
  2. All are names for God in the Old Testament except:
      a. Yahweh
      b. elohim
      c. Rahab
      d. el shadday
  3. All of the following are characteristic of the P source except:
      a. vivid anthropomorphisms
      b. stress on religious observance
      c. genealogies
      d. use of elohim
  4. The “sons of God” mentioned in Genesis 6.1-4 appear elsewhere in the Bible as all of the following except:
      a. Nephilim
      b. giants
      c. members of the divine council
      d. Anakim
  5. The final editor of the existing sources was:
      a. J
      b. E
      c. D
      d. P
  6. The man who does not die but simply is “no more” is:
      a. Enoch
      b. Enosh
      c. Adam
      d. Lamech
  7. All of the following have been proposed as additional sources to the Pentateuch except:
      a. Lay
      b. Quelle
      c. Seir
      d. Kenite
  8. The source that has lengthy descriptions of priestly vestments and sacred architecture and objects is:
      a. P
      b. E
      c. D
      d. J
  9. Terah is the father of:
      a. Sarai
      b. Methuselah
      c. Lot
      d. Abram
  10. The specific cause of the Flood in Genesis is:
      a. noise
      b. Noah
      c. eating the forbidden fruit
      d. human wickedness
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