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Multiple Choice Quiz

  1. The river that flows out of Eden divides into all of the following rivers except:
      a. Tigris
      b. Nile
      c. Euphrates
      d. Pishon
  2. The name “Adam” is related to the Hebrew word for:
      a. a god
      b. soil
      c. water
      d. king
  3. In the Enuma Elish, the earth is formed out of:
      a. Enkidu's blood
      b. Tiamat's body
      c. Atrahasis' boat
      d. Baal's heart
  4. The Bible was divided into chapters and verses in:
      a. the Middle Ages
      b. the Bronze Age
      c. modern times
      d. the Renaissance
  5. The primeval sea monster is also called:
      a. Leviathan
      b. Qingu
      c. Enkidu
      d. Utnapishtim
  6. Tiamat, the goddess of the salt waters, mixes with ______________, the goddess of the fresh water to create the first generation of gods.
      a. Apsu
      b. Atrahasis
      c. Nanna
      d. Qingu
  7. In Genesis 1-2.4a, God creates the world from:
      a. nothing
      b. a watery chaos
      c. primeval mud
      d. lightning
  8. The prostitute who seduced Enkidu and lured him to Uruk is named:
      a. Eve
      b. Khnum
      c. Shamhat
      d. Rahab
  9. Sabbath observance begins at:
      a. sunrise
      b. noon
      c. sundown
      d. midnight
  10. Enuma Elish was recited annually in Babylon during a festival celebrating the:
      a. fall harvest
      b. spring new year
      c. full moon
      d. summer solstice
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