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Multiple Choice Quiz

  1. The Ammonites and Moabites were descendants of:
      a. Moses
      b. Lot
      c. Joshua
      d. Jacob
  2. David had an ancestor who was of ___________ descent.
      a. Moabite
      b. Edomite
      c. Philistine
      d. Egyptian
  3. Esther's husband was:
      a. Ahasuerus
      b. Mordecai
      c. Sennacherib
      d. Haman
  4. The book of Ruth is traditionally attributed to:
      a. Joshua
      b. Samuel
      c. David
      d. Solomon
  5. The purpose of the book of Ruth may be:
      a. to denounce the Moabites
      b. to explain David's ancestry
      c. to promote levirate marriage
      d. to support the book of Judges
  6. God commands Jonah to deliver an oracle against:
      a. Greece
      b. Assyria
      c. Babylon
      d. Syria
  7. The book of _____________ never mentions God:
      a. Ruth
      b. Jonah
      c. Esther
      d. Daniel
  8. Daniel and his friends subsist on a diet of only _______________ for ten days:
      a. manna
      b. dairy products
      c. vegetables and water
      d. vegetables and manna
  9. All are names for Satan except:
      a. Lucifer
      b. Belial
      c. Beelzebul
      d. Abednego
  10. Daniel was celebrated for his skills as a:
      a. scribe
      b. dream interpreter
      c. poet
      d. priest
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