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Multiple Choice Quiz

  1. In the book of Ecclesiastes, the author is given the name:
      a. David
      b. Qoheleth
      c. Sheol
      d. Rabbi
  2. In postbiblical tradition, Job's wife is identified as the daughter of:
      a. Jacob
      b. Noah
      c. Isaiah
      d. Aaron
  3. Proverbs encourages social justice for all except:
      a. the poor
      b. widows
      c. orphans
      d. resident aliens
  4. The book of Ecclesiastes is traditionally attributed to:
      a. David
      b. Job
      c. Solomon
      d. Moses
  5. The book of Ecclesiastes can be summarized as a collection of the author's ideas concerning:
      a. the meaning of life
      b. social justice
      c. Adam and Eve
      d. prophecy
  6. Metaphors from nature are prevalent in:
      a. Proverbs
      b. Job
      c. Ecclesiastes
      d. Song of Solomon
  7. All are true of the satan in the book of Job except:
      a. he is a member of the divine council
      b. he is absent from epilogue
      c. he is identified with the devil
      d. he is a “son of God”
  8. God's first response to Job consists of:
      a. a catalogue of marvels
      b. the judgment and death of Job
      c. immediate restoration for Job
      d. expulsion of the satan
  9. The Song of Solomon consists of:
      a. parodies
      b. hymns
      c. a catalogue
      d. poetic speeches
  10. Proverbs concludes with:
      a. the words of Agur
      b. the proverbs of Solomon copied by Hezekiah's officials
      c. praise of the woman of power
      d. the words of Lemuel
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