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Multiple Choice Quiz

  1. The primary source used by Chronicles was:
      a. P
      b. Isaiah
      c. Ezra and Nehemiah
      d. Deuteronomistic History
  2. All are used heavily as sources in Chronicles except:
      a. 1 Kings
      b. 2 Kings
      c. 1 Samuel
      d. 2 Samuel
  3. All kings in Chronicles are patterned after:
      a. Saul
      b. David
      c. Solomon
      d. Hezekiah
  4. According to Chronicles, Solomon paid for the raw materials for the Temple with:
      a. slaves
      b. cities
      c. gold
      d. friendship
  5. The Chronicler gives significant attention to the tribe of:
      a. Ephraim
      b. Dan
      c. Issachar
      d. Levi
  6. The Chronicler frequently refers to ____________ sources of information of the history of Judah.
      a. priestly
      b. prophetic
      c. monarchic
      d. scribal
  7. Psalms that contain a question-and-answer format are called:
      a. Zion hymns
      b. liturgies
      c. wisdom hymns
      d. pilgrimage hymns
  8. The books of Psalms and Proverbs can be described as:
      a. histories
      b. anthologies
      c. law codes
      d. biographies
  9. The English name for the book of Psalms is derived from a Greek word for a:
      a. musical instrument
      b. song
      c. poem
      d. king
  10. ___________ is a mysterious Hebrew term that occurs seventy-one times in the book of Psalms but whose precise function and meaning are unknown:
      a. sheminit
      b. selah
      c. maskil
      d. mizmor
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