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Multiple Choice Quiz

  1. All are sources for the postexilic period except:
      a. Ezra
      b. First Isaiah
      c. Haggai
      d. Zechariah
  2. Cyrus the Great was succeeded by:
      a. Cambyses
      b. Darius
      c. Tattenai
      d. Xerxes
  3. Zerubbabel was a direct descendant of:
      a. Cyrus
      b. Aaron
      c. Jehoiachin
      d. Ezra
  4. In the Isaiah Apocalypse, on the day of the LORD Yahweh will finally defeat:
      a. Persia
      b. Baal
      c. Edom
      d. Leviathan
  5. Cyrus died in the year:
      a. 530
      b. 520
      c. 519
      d. 515
  6. When the exiles returned to Israel, the high priest was:
      a. Zerubbabel
      b. Haggai
      c. Zechariah
      d. Jeshua
  7. Zerubbabel's official title was:
      a. king
      b. prince
      c. priest
      d. governor
  8. Haggai describes Zerubbabel as a:
      a. signet ring
      b. treasured possession
      c. son of oil
      d. son of man
  9. Zechariah's seventh vision is of a woman named ______________, who is taken in a covered container from Judah to Babylon.
      a. Wisdom
      b. Wickedness
      c. Repentance
      d. Sorrow
  10. According to the book that bears his name, Ezra was a:
      a. king
      b. governor
      c. scribe
      d. prophet
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