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Multiple Choice Quiz

  1. Nebuchadrezzar's successor was:
      a. Cyrus
      b. Nergal-sharezer
      c. Amel-Marduk
      d. Labashi-Marduk
  2. Under the Persian empire, Judah was known as the province of:
      a. Kedar
      b. Yehud
      c. Israel
      d. Palestine
  3. During the exilic period, the _____ sources underwent a major development.
      a. P and D
      b. J and E
      c. J and D
      d. J and P
  4. In 561 BCE _________ was released from a Babylonian prison, possibly reviving hopes in the restoration of the Davidic dynasty.
      a. Josiah
      b. Jehoiachin
      c. Zedekiah
      d. Zerubbabel
  5. All of the following are factors that demonstrate that Second Isaiah is later than First Isaiah except:
      a. the appearance of Cyrus
      b. the use of an anonymous speaker
      c. the narrative takes place in Israel
      d. the Temple is destroyed
  6. In Second Isaiah, the author imagines that the procession out of exile will be led by:
      a. God
      b. “the servant”
      c. Ezra
      d. the prophet himself
  7. The capital of the Persian empire was:
      a. Susa
      b. Babylon
      c. Persepolis
      d. Ecbatana
  8. In Second Isaiah, Marduk is often referred to by the title:
      a. Nebu
      b. Bel
      c. El
      d. Baal
  9. P suggests the observance of all as a means to preserving religious identity in a foreign land except:
      a. sabbath
      b. circumcision
      c. purity laws
      d. dietary laws
  10. The image of Yahweh as a mother or midwife appears in all of the following except:
      a. Ezra
      b. Second Isaiah
      c. Third Isaiah
      d. Psalms
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