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Multiple Choice Quiz

  1. The book of Obadiah is an oracle against the nation of:
      a. Babylon
      b. Assyria
      c. Egypt
      d. Edom
  2. In the Jewish canon, all are included among the Five Scrolls except:
      a. Ruth
      b. Lamentations
      c. Esther
      d. Job
  3. Most scholars date the nucleus of Obadiah to the __________ century BCE.
      a. seventh
      b. sixth
      c. fifth
      d. fourth
  4. Yahweh is depicted as a violent spouse in all of the following texts except:
      a. Ezekiel
      b. Obadiah
      c. Hosea
      d. Lamentations
  5. The city of ___________ was never captured by the Babylonians.
      a. Ashkelon
      b. Sidon
      c. Lachish
      d. Tyre
  6. After the priests, the _____________ is given land closest to the sanctuary in the new Jerusalem.
      a. prince
      b. tribe of Judah
      c. tribe of Dan
      d. tribe of Levi
  7. After the fall of Jerusalem, Nebuchadrezzer installed ______________ as the new ruler of Judah.
      a. Ishmael
      b. Gedaliah
      c. Zedekiah
      d. Jehoiachin
  8. Ezekiel experienced his first vision near the ____________ River.
      a. Chebar
      b. Jordan
      c. Euphrates
      d. Tigris
  9. Gedaliah was assassinated by:
      a. Hophra
      b. Amel-Marduk
      c. Ishmael
      d. Nehemiah
  10. According to Obadiah, Edom will be punished for its participation in the destruction of Jerusalem:
      a. when the Babylonian empire falls
      b. when the exiles return to the land
      c. on the day of Yahweh
      d. never
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