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Multiple Choice Quiz

  1. In the Late Bronze Age, Egypt fought against the kingdom of _____________ for control of the Levant.
      a. Hatti
      b. Sumer
      c. Israel
      d. Philistines
  2. The traditional eastern boundary of Israel is:
      a. Egypt
      b. Shephelah
      c. the Jordan River
      d. the Mediterranean Sea
  3. The people who originated in central Turkey and later controlled the northern Levant during the later half of the second millennium are the:
      a. Babylonians
      b. Hittites
      c. Chaldeans
      d. Assyrians
  4. All are features of the Rift Valley except:
      a. Lake Huleh
      b. the Dead Sea
      c. the Sea of Galilee
      d. the Caspian Sea
  5. All are listed as crops of ancient Israel except:
      a. grapes
      b. wheat
      c. barley
      d. potatoes
  6. All are peoples originating from central Mesopotamia except:
      a. Sumerians
      b. Assyrians
      c. Akkadians
      d. Persians
  7. Israel's monarchy began during what century?
      a. 12th
      b. 11th
      c. 10th
      d. 9th
  8. The king who released the deportees from Babylon in 538 was:
      a. Ahab
      b. Cyrus
      c. Sennacherib
      d. Alexander
  9. The name Israel can refer to all of the following except:
      a. Esau
      b. Jacob
      c. the northern kingdom
      d. the united kingdom
  10. The Romans destroyed Jerusalem in the year:
      a. 23 BCE
      b. 61 CE
      c. 70 CE
      d. 122 CE
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