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Multiple Choice Quiz

  1. Josiah's immediate predecessor as king of Israel was:
      a. Hezekiah
      b. Manasseh
      c. Amon
      d. Jehoahaz
  2. The Temple scroll discovered during the reign of Josiah is often identified as:
      a. Exodus
      b. Leviticus
      c. Numbers
      d. Deuteronomy
  3. Jehoiachin's father was:
      a. Manasseh
      b. Josiah
      c. Jehoahaz
      d. Jehoiakim
  4. Another name for the Babylonians is:
      a. Chaldeans
      b. Assyrians
      c. Medes
      d. Elamites
  5. Josiah's immediate successor was:
      a. Jehoiakim
      b. Amon
      c. Neco
      d. Jehoahaz
  6. Jeremiah's scribe was:
      a. Baruch
      b. Ezra
      c. Habakkuk
      d. Nehemiah
  7. The first king of the Neo-Babylonian empire was:
      a. Nabo-polassar
      b. Nebuchadrezzar II
      c. Amel-Marduk
      d. Neco
  8. Zephaniah includes all of the following except:
      a. a genealogy
      b. a day of the L motif
      c. judgment oracles
      d. a farewell address
  9. Later tradition identifies Jeremiah as the author of the book of:
      a. Baruch
      b. Ezra
      c. Habakkuk
      d. Lamentations
  10. Josiah was killed at:
      a. Jerusalem
      b. Babylon
      c. Megiddo
      d. Beersheba
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