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Multiple Choice Quiz

  1. Isaiah was from:
      a. Samaria
      b. Bethel
      c. Lachish
      d. Jerusalem
  2. The Syro-Ephraimite War occurred in:
      a. 701 BCE
      b. 722 BCE
      c. 734 BCE
      d. 750 BCE
  3. Sennacherib's palace in Assyria was located at:
      a. Lachish
      b. Babylon
      c. Sidon
      d. Nineveh
  4. Second Isaiah probably dates to the ___________ century BCE.
      a. eighth
      b. seventh
      c. sixth
      d. fifth
  5. During the siege of Jerusalem, Sennacherib made this city his base:
      a. Ekron
      b. Beersheba
      c. Lachish
      d. Joppa
  6. The Babylonian usurper Marduk-apla-iddina is referred to in the Bible as:
      a. Maher-shalal-hash-baz
      b. Tiglath-pileser
      c. Merodach-baladan
      d. Ashur-dan
  7. Interpreters have identified Immanuel with all of the following except:
      a. Moses
      b. Jesus
      c. Isaiah's son
      d. Hezekiah
  8. Micah suggests that a new ruler will rise from the city of:
      a. Jerusalem
      b. Samaria
      c. Beersheba
      d. Bethlehem
  9. Micah's career spanned the reigns of all of the following kings except:
      a. Jotham
      b. Ahaz
      c. Hezekiah
      d. Manasseh
  10. Both Isaiah and Micah prophesied during the reigns of every king except:
      a. Jotham
      b. Ahaz
      c. Hezekiah
      d. Manasseh
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