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Multiple Choice Quiz

  1. Samaria was destroyed in the year ___________ BCE.
      a. 722
      b. 586
      c. 850
      d. 740
  2. Amos refers to Samarian women as:
      a. fat cows
      b. prostitutes
      c. priestesses
      d. angels
  3. Hoshea ousted ____________ as king of Israel.
      a. Jeroboam II
      b. Ahaz
      c. Hezekiah
      d. Pekah
  4. Hosea's wife was named:
      a. Jezreel
      b. Gomer
      c. Athaliah
      d. Miriam
  5. The Deuteronomistic historians' account of the fall of the northern kingdom does everything except:
      a. blames the destruction on apostasy
      b. emphasizes theological interpretation over historical details
      c. laments that Yahweh is no longer worshipped in Samaria
      d. describes the details of the deportation
  6. In many of the prophets, oracles of judgment often take on the form of a(n):
      a. covenant
      b. lawsuit
      c. oath
      d. alliance
  7. All of the following nations are condemned at the beginning of Amos except:
      a. Tyre
      b. Edom
      c. Moab
      d. Assyria
  8. Most Christian canons place _________ among the Major Prophets.
      a. Job
      b. Micah
      c. Daniel
      d. Zechariah
  9. All of the following prophets attack Israelite rituals except:
      a. Obadiah
      b. Isaiah
      c. Amos
      d. Hosea
  10. In Hosea, all of the following are listed as specific transgressions of God's law except:
      a. worshiping other gods
      b. forgetting the sabbath
      c. making foreign alliances
      d. denying social justice
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