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Multiple Choice Quiz

  1. The first king of the northern kingdom was:
      a. Jeroboam
      b. Rehoboam
      c. Asa
      d. Ahab
  2. Jezebel was a(n):
      a. Egyptian
      b. Moabite
      c. Assyrian
      d. Tyrian
  3. All are mentioned as women prophets except:
      a. Miriam
      b. Huldah
      c. Leah
      d. Noadiah
  4. The only female monarch of either Israel or Judah was:
      a. Jezebel
      b. Noadiah
      c. Athaliah
      d. Nehushta
  5. What leader erected the Black Obelisk?
      a. Jereboam
      b. Shishak
      c. Mesha
      d. Shalmaneser
  6. The northern kingdom was independent until __________ BCE.
      a. 924
      b. 722
      c. 586
      d. 71
  7. All were capitals of the northern kingdom of Israel except:
      a. Bethel
      b. Penuel
      c. Samaria
      d. Tirzah
  8. The book of Kings states that Mesha of Moab defeated the Israelites because of:
      a. human sacrifice
      b. sacrifice to Yahweh
      c. superior numbers
      d. Assyrian intervention
  9. Which prophetic book ends with a prediction of Elijah's return?
      a. Malachi
      b. Amos
      c. Jeremiah
      d. Isaiah
  10. ______________ saw the vision of “all Israel scattered on the mountains, like sheep that have no shepherd.”
      a. Zedekiah
      b. Huldah
      c. Micaiah
      d. Elisha
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