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Multiple Choice Quiz

  1. Solomon is anointed by:
      a. Adonijah and David
      b. Elijah and Nathan
      c. Nathan and Zadok
      d. David
  2. Worship continued at the Temple of Solomon until:
      a. 586 BCE
      b. 71 CE
      c. 701 BCE
      d. 928 BCE
  3. Jerusalem is mentioned more than _______ times in the psalms.
      a. thirty
      b. sixty
      c. eighty
      d. one hundred
  4. Solomon's successor was:
      a. Nathan
      b. Rehoboam
      c. Ahab
      d. Hezekiah
  5. _____________ and Abiathar assist Adonijah in his attempt to succeed David:
      a. Abner
      b. Amasa
      c. Joab
      d. Shimei
  6. Joab supports the coronation of ________ as David's successor.
      a. Adonijah
      b. Solomon
      c. Absalom
      d. Nathan
  7. “The Book of the Acts of Solomon” included lists of all the following except:
      a. royal officials
      b. the labor force for the building of the Temple
      c. descriptions of the administrative districts
      d. Solomon's foreign wives
  8. All are works traditionally attributed to Solomon except:
      a. Odes of Solomon
      b. Ecclesiastes
      c. part of Proverbs
      d. Chronicles
  9. Under Solomon, Benaiah served as:
      a. commander of the army
      b. treasurer
      c. high priest
      d. secretary
  10. Solomon made an alliance with Pharaoh by:
      a. sending him troops
      b. becoming his vassal
      c. marrying his daughter
      d. sending him tribute
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