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Multiple Choice Quiz

  1. Ishbaal's general was:
      a. Uriah
      b. Absalom
      c. Abner
      d. Jehoshaphat
  2. David's elite warriors are known as:
      a. the Thirty
      b. Ishbosheth
      c. Shimei
      d. Millo
  3. Michal bears how many children?
      a. 0
      b. 1
      c. 2
      d. 3
  4. David had a covenant with the king of:
      a. Moab
      b. Egypt
      c. Tyre
      d. Ammon
  5. The word “Millo” literally means:
      a. warriors
      b. fill
      c. wall
      d. sacred
  6. David's oldest son was:
      a. Amnon
      b. Solomon
      c. Absalom
      d. Jonathan
  7. Absalom took _________ of David's concubines whom he had left in Jerusalem.
      a. five
      b. ten
      c. twenty
      d. forty
  8. Solomon's other name is:
      a. Nathan
      b. Maacah
      c. Ishbaal
      d. Jedidiah
  9. Zadok and Abiathar are listed as:
      a. generals
      b. sons of Saul
      c. priests
      d. kings
  10. All are true of the Succession Narrative except:
      a. it explains how Solomon succeeded David
      b. it is historical fiction
      c. it exists as an independent source
      d. some call it the Court History of David
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