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Multiple Choice Quiz

  1. Samuel's birth narrative originally may have been about:
      a. David
      b. Saul
      c. Moses
      d. Joshua
  2. Samuel was divided into two books by:
      a. Christians
      b. Deuteronomistic historians
      c. Samuel
      d. the Septuagint
  3. David was from the city of:
      a. Jerusalem
      b. Hebron
      c. Bethlehem
      d. Shechem
  4. All are true of the “Song of Hannah” except:
      a. it is a song of Thanksgiving
      b. it was likely an independent tradition
      c. it also appears in the Psalms
      d. it is anachronistic in its present context
  5. Peninnah is the wife of:
      a. Elkanah
      b. Saul
      c. Samuel
      d. Jonathan
  6. “Nabal” means:
      a. brave
      b. fool
      c. honest
      d. favorite
  7. The inhabitants of ______________ retrieve and provide proper burials for the bodies of Saul and Jonathan in appreciation of the protection that Saul provided them from the Ammonites:
      a. Jabesh-gilead
      b. Beth-shan
      c. Hebron
      d. Gibeah
  8. Saul's greatest contribution as king was the:
      a. expansion of Israelite territory
      b. establishment of a standing army
      c. final defeat of the Philistines
      d. construction of the Jerusalem Temple
  9. The only festival mentioned in 1 Samuel is:
      a. Weeks
      b. Booths
      c. Passover
      d. New Moon
  10. Samuel held every office except:
      a. priest
      b. judge
      c. prophet
      d. Nazirite
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