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Multiple Choice Quiz

  1. The Ammonites and Moabites were descendants of:
      a. Moses
      b. Lot
      c. Joshua
      d. Jacob
  2. Jair is from:
      a. Issachar
      b. Manasseh
      c. Gilead
      d. Judah
  3. The Philistines forced the tribe of ___________ to move north.
      a. Dan
      b. Judah
      c. Benjamin
      d. Ephraim
  4. Kenites are:
      a. priests
      b. metalsmiths
      c. shepherds
      d. warriors
  5. The biblical judges were primarily:
      a. military leaders
      b. prophets
      c. heads of law courts
      d. lawgivers
  6. At the end of Samson's life, he destroyed the temple of:
      a. Baal
      b. Chemosh
      c. Dagon
      d. Heracles
  7. “Gideon” means:
      a. let Baal contend
      b. hacker
      c. son of the right hand
      d. judge
  8. All are sources of the book of Judges except:
      a. early poetry
      b. folk legends
      c. farewell addresses
      d. etiologies
  9. All are common themes in the book of Judges except:
      a. apostasy
      b. infighting
      c. final defeat of Philistines
      d. antimonarchy
  10. All are northern tribes except:
      a. Dan
      b. Naphtali
      c. Zebulun
      d. Simeon
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