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Multiple Choice Quiz

  1. In Jewish tradition, all are parts of the Bible except:
      a. Torah
      b. Apocrypha
      c. Writings
      d. Prophets
  2. The frequently used scholarly term for the Old Testament is:
      a. Hebrew Bible
      b. Pseudepigrapha
      c. Writings
      d. Chronicles
  3. The Former Prophets begin with the divine appointment of ______________ as leader of Israel.
      a. Moses
      b. Saul
      c. David
      d. Joshua
  4. In the Christian canon the book of ______________ was moved from the Writings to the Latter Prophets.
      a. Job
      b. Isaiah
      c. Esther
      d. Daniel
  5. The word torah means:
      a. book
      b. law
      c. history
      d. prophet
  6. For a book to be canonical in Jewish tradition, it must be written in:
      a. Greek
      b. Aramaic
      c. Yiddish
      d. Hebrew
  7. Which book is found in the Apocrypha?
      a. Ezekiel
      b. Nahum
      c. Malachi
      d. 1 Maccabees
  8. The book of ____________ is part of the Writings in the Jewish canon but in Christian Bibles is relocated among the Former Prophets.
      a. Nehemiah
      b. Tobit
      c. Ecclesiastes
      d. Job
  9. According to legend, ___________ translators of the Torah independently produced identical translations and thus proved that the Septuagint was as inspired as the original.
      a. 60
      b. 70
      c. 600
      d. 700
  10. Scholars use ____________ criticism to account for the editorial processes that produced the biblical texts.
      a. redaction
      b. form
      c. historical
      d. textual
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