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Multiple Choice Quiz

  1. 3 Maccabees takes place during the reign of:
      a. Alexander III
      b. Antiochus I
      c. Seleucus I
      d. Ptolemy IV
  2. Tobit takes place in:
      a. Judea
      b. Assyria
      c. Babylon
      d. Persia
  3. In the book of Judith, Nebuchadnezzar is erroneously identified as the king of:
      a. Persia
      b. Babylon
      c. Greece
      d. Assyria
  4. 1 Maccabees discusses the origins of the Jewish holiday of:
      a. Yom Kippur
      b. Rosh Hashanah
      c. Hanukkah
      d. Passover
  5. The book of Baruch uses all of the following as a primary source except:
      a. Isaiah
      b. Job
      c. Daniel
      d. 1 Maccabees
  6. The Latin title of the Wisdom of Jesus, son of Sirach, is:
      a. Ecclesiasticus
      b. Qoheleth
      c. Sirach
      d. Wisdom of Solomon
  7. The book of Judith tells us that Judith was a:
      a. widow
      b. priestess
      c. Moabite
      d. prostitute
  8. The Wisdom of Solomon features all of the following elements except:
      a. Greek philosophical vocabulary
      b. a retelling of the Exodus story
      c. belief in an afterlife
      d. references to Isis
  9. In Sirach, the women who are portrayed most positively are:
      a. singers
      b. wives
      c. daughters
      d. mothers
  10. ____________ is the only text that takes place in Judea.
      a. Tobit
      b. Daniel
      c. Judith
      d. Esther
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