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Exercise 9

Exercise 9 – Object Mapping 2 (Play)

Identify instances of “play” in your subjects’ activities. Describe these instances carefully and explain why you think the activity constitutes play. What are your clues that this is the frame of “play” and not something else? How is it different, in other words, from other, “non-play” activities that you observe?

Watch especially for any interactions with objects (fixed-feature and others) in the course of playful activity. What objects seem to be most important for play activity? Which objects seem least important for play?

(You can think very direct and micro on this. You can also think at a higher level in which you force yourself to consider every single object in the habitat and how it enables any of the play you witness, even if it doesn’t seem to be directly involved in a particular interaction.)

What happens if you treat other individuals as objects, in this respect? Are there any individuals in the group who generally seem more or less central for the activity of play? Are any specific individuals more or less central to certain kinds of play?

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