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Exercise 8

Exercise 8 – Object Mapping 1

Observe and record the use of a particular inanimate object by the group you are studying. This can be a fixed feature of the environment or any other inanimate object.

Look at how the object is incorporated into the group’s activities (or not.) How often is it used and for how long? In what ways? By whom? How does it affect or constrain animals’ behaviors? What behaviors does it elicit or prevent? In your view, what functions does this object fulfill? (Make a list. Be specific, but think big picture, too. Be vertically integrating in how you thinking about function, from the lowest, most pragmatic level up to the highest, most symbolic one.) Does your observation of this object give you any insight into the priorities and relationships of any individuals in the group?

Think of this assignment as “a day in the life of {this object}” where your constant focus is the object, regardless of who comes in and out of the picture around it.

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