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Exercise 5

Exercise 5 – Unstructured v. Structured Fieldwork

Treat yourself to a completely unstructured observation session, with as little note-taking as you wish. Afterwards, write the equivalent of a one-to-two page essay (or more, if you are enjoying the task) entitled, “The Value of Unstructured versus Structured Observation.” Include how you feel while you are engaged in each type of session as well as your thoughts on what the value of each might be, relative to the other, for you, personally. Think of this as the classic “compare and contrast” essay.

If you want, feel free to use lists or any other forms to capture and quickly summarize your thinking (cartoons, memes, a word cloud, etc.) since this is by, for, and about you. The only point of this is essay is to give yourself another opportunity to reflect on fieldwork, methods, your process and what you’re getting out of these exercises.

Response 1 (pdf file)
Response 2 (pdf file)
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