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Exercise 3

Exercise 3 – Temporal Mapping 2

Pick an individual. Create a temporal map of this individual’s activities taking data at regular, pre-defined moments for regular, pre-defined durations of time. Just for today, do not sacrifice collecting data at these regular moments for anything that happens inbetween them. In your analysis of your data later on, pay attention to the duration as well as the timing, sequence, recurrence, and cyclicality of this individual’s activities. Do not forget this last part of the assignment! Be sure to look for any temporal patterns or insights your data may contain.

(If you find it is too difficult to track multiple activities, feel free to select only one activity and track the individual’s behavior with regard to only that.)

Report structure:

Exercises in Behavioral Observation, Fall 2012
Weekly Report Structure

Your name, date of report, etc.
Date of observation session
Duration of observation session
Location of observation session

I. Restate the assignment

II. Set the stage: Tell me what you were looking for, what factors led to your observation choices, and what was going on around you and in the environment when you got started.

III. Report your specific observations

IV. Summarize any general insights you gained

V. Reflect back on the process: What was most challenging for you? What do you think worked especially well? Were there any unexpected glitches or insights? Is there anything you’d do differently if you did this again? Is there anything you’d like to follow up on next time, perhaps something you’d like to know or some aspect of the process that you’d like to concentrate on?

VI. Attach (scanned, then printed) copies of your field notes.

Response 1 (pdf file)
Response 2 (pdf file)
Response 3 (pdf file)
Response 4 (pdf file)
Response 5 (pdf file)
Response 6 (pdf file)
Response 7 (pdf file)

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