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Match the following records with the information they contain.

1. medical examiner’s report

2. incident report

3. autopsy reports

4. criminal history information

5. police misconduct investigation records

A. contains a description of the crime, its location, the name of the victim, when the crime occurred and property stolen or damaged, among other things.

B. reports of how a department handled allegations that an officer violated laws or regulations.

C. a listing of a suspect’s prior arrests and convictions.

D. a report that includes a description of the crime scene, witnesses and next of kin.

E. a report of the cause and manner of a person’s death.

Match the following records with the information they contain.

1. police blotter

2. affidavits for arrest or search warrants

3. jail booking records

4. arrest report

A. statements officers file describing who they want to arrest or what they want to search and why.

B. a record of all calls for assistance received by police.

C. a description of a person who has been arrested, the offense, the name of the arresting officer and witnesses to the crime.

D. a record of when a person is taken into custody and when that person is released.

Match the following city and county documents with the information they contain

1. Purchase orders

2. Bids specifications

3. Zoning records

4. Tax-assessment records

5. Expense records

A. Describe what a government wants to buy or build so that businesses can say what they would charge for providing it.

B. Maps, reports and files pertaining to city or county planning.

C. Show what public officials are spending for such things as travel and phone service.

D. Show what products or services were obtained from what vendors at what price.

E. Show the owner, legal description and value of real property.


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