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Teaching Music Globally

Welcome to the companion site for Teaching Music Globally, by Patricia Shehan Campbell. On this site you will find a number of useful resources.


"In an increasingly global society, many educators have begun to reject the idea that their subject should be taught from one dominant perspective. In the music field as well, some teachers are seeking to broaden their students' musical and cultural perspectives by acquainting them with non-Western musical styles. An excellent guidebook is Teaching Music Globally, a manual for teachers of band, choir, general music, orchestra and other music classes. This book offers a scholarly guide to the development of curricula and lesson plans with a more global outlook, which may be used as an alternate way to help students develop their musicality and listening awareness."
--Robert Spillman, American Music Teacher, October/November 2004

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Patricia Shehan Campbell developed her book , Teaching Music Globally, on the following premise: "The teaching and learning of the world"s musics can happen in courses and curricular programs from preschool through postgraduate studies, in academic-styled courses, or performance ensembles" (p. 13). The result is a practical process and clear rationale for curricular infusion of global music outlined for music educators and trainers of music educators" " Roberta Volkmann, Music Educator"s Journal, November 2004