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Practical Dementia Care

Second Edition
Peter V. Rabins, Constantine G. Lyketsos and Cynthia D. Steele
ISBN13: 9780195169782 / ISBN10: 0195169786
Hardcover, 336 pages, Jan 2006
Welcome to the companion website for Practical Dementia Care, Second Edition, by Peter V. Rabins, MD, MPH; Constantine Lyketsos, MD, MHS; and Cynthia D. Steele, RN, MPH. New to this edition in a downloadable format are supplementary materials for use in everyday clinical practice. A "Basic Psychosocial Intervention in Dementia", which standardizes non-pharmacologic efforts to help patients an caregivers, is available along with two sets of forms which facilitate its use: the "Supportive Care Checklists and Calenders" and the Johns Hopkins "Dementia Care Guidelines for Families." A selected chapter from the book is also available for download.
Book Description
Practical Dementia Care offers a unique, evidence-based approach to the management of patients with dementia from the time of diagnosis to the end of life. Topics covered in detail include available therapies for the disease and its symptoms, the provision of comprehensive supportive care, the management of common behavior disorders such as aggression and depression, and solutions to functional problems such as bathing and dressing. Chapters on ethical issues, care of terminal dementia patients, and genetics are also included, as is a comprehensive glossary of terms.

For the Second Edition, the authors have extensively revised and updated sections on the diagnosis and differential diagnosis of dementia, the pathophysiology of common and uncommon causes of dementia with a special focus on Alzheimer disease, on non-drug treatment for dementia symptoms, pharmacologic therapy for dementia, psychiatric symptoms of dementia and their treatment with a focus on medication treatment, and dementia in special environments with a particular focus on assisted living and nursing homes. As well, they have added an entire chapter on mild cognitive impairment. An additional appendix, meant for everyday clinical use, is available for download.

Clinicians from many disciplines, including physicians, psychologists, nurses, social workers, rehabilitation therapists, and others who care for patients with dementia in almost any setting, including long-term care, will find the Second Edition of Practical Dementia Care to be an invaluable resource.

Excerpts from published reviews of the first edition

"The authors write well, mostly without jargon and in direct, clear statements, so reading this book is easy and inviting . . . This is a very good book for those of us working with demented patients. I strongly recommend it."

-Michael R. Bieber, PhD, in The American Journal of Psychiatry

"...good reading for any clinician dealing with the geriatric population. . . . The book is sprinkled throughout with practical clinical pearls . . . Practical Dementia Care will make a welcome and delightful addition to the libraries of physicians and other health care providers who are involved in the care of persons with memory disorders."

-Gayatri Devi, MD, in the Journal of Neuropsychiatry and Clinical Neuroscience

Preface to Second Edition

1. Definitions and Overview of the Book
2. The Evaluation and Formulation of Dementia
3. Diseases Causing a Cortical Pattern of Dementia
4. Diseases Typically Causing Subcortical or Mixed Pattern Dementias
5. Overview of Dementia Care
6. Supportive Care for the Patient with Dementia
7. Supporting the Family and Care Provider
8. Non-Cognitive Behavioral and Psychiatric Disorders
9. Non-Cognitive Functional Disorders and Disturbances in Sleeping, Eating, and Sexuality
10. Pharmacologic and Other Biologic Treatments in Dementia
11. Prevention, Early Detection and Mild Cognitive Impairment (MCI)
12. Terminal Care
13. Ethical and Legal Issues
14. Clinical Genetics and Dementia

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