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Self quiz

Self quiz

  1. Which of the following books is not pseudonymous
      a. 2 Thessalonians
      b. 1 Corinthians
      c. Titus
      d. 1 Timothy
  2. Which of the following is not one of the Pastoral Epistles?
      a. 2 Thessalonians
      b. 1 Timothy
      c. Titus
      d. 2 Timothy
  3. All of the following were reasons for writing pseudonymously except
      a. for profit
      b. as an act of humility
      c. to gain authority for the work
      d. to become famous
  4. One reason scholars doubt the authenticity of the authorship claim of 2 Thessalonians is
      a. it claims to have been written by Paul
      b. it talks about the Timothy
      c. it teaches the end will not come immediately
      d. the author claims to have worked in Thessalonica
  5. Colossians appears to oppose
      a. Paul
      b. Jewish mysticism
      c. Gentiles
      d. marriage
  6. All of the following are true about the Pastoral Epistles except
      a. they claim to have been written by Paul
      b. they are written to individuals
      c. they address false teachings
      d. they are addressed to church communities
  7. One of the central concerns in the Pastoral Epistles is
      a. administration of the church
      b. explaining the delay of the Parousia
      c. establishing Paul's authority
      d. establishing Timothy's authority
  8. In the churches that Paul founded, all of the following were true except
      a. there was no elder or overseer
      b. they believed everyone had received gifts from God's Spirit
      c. there was one man who was in charge
      d. when there was a problem they wrote to Paul for advice
  9. The word bishop means
      a. man
      b. overseer
      c. elder
      d. minister
  10. The author of the Pastorals writes against all of the following except
      a. celibacy
      b. marriage
      c. women's leadership
      d. myths and genealogies
  11. The book of Titus is most like
      a. 1 Thessalonians
      b. 1 Timothy
      c. 2 Timothy
      d. Colossians
Self quiz
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