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Self quiz

Self quiz

  1. Romans is unique among the Pauline letters because
      a. it is a unified letter
      b. it is a composite letter
      c. it is written to a community Paul did not found
      d. it is written to Jews in the synagogue
  2. All of the following are true for both of Paul's models of salvation except
      a. the problem is sin
      b. Jesus' death is part of the solution
      c. the virgin birth is part of the solution
      d. Jesus' resurrection is part of the solution
  3. The judicial model is also called
      a. justification by faith
      b. justification by baptism
      c. justification by the Law
      d. the participationist model
  4. According to the judicial model, all of the following are true except
      a. everyone sins
      b. the penalty for sin is death
      c. baptism cleanses people of their sin
      d. reconciliation with God depends on belief in Jesus' death and resurrection
  5. The participationist model envisions Jesus' death and resurrection as
      a. a payment for the sins of others
      b. a defeat of the power of sin and death
      c. a tragedy
      d. a judgment against the Jews who participated in Jesus' trial
  6. Paul believed all people were enslaved to sin because of
      a. Sarah's questioning of God
      b. Abraham's union with Hagar
      c. Sodom and Gomorrah
      d. Adam's disobedience
  7. Paul believed that baptism did all of the following except
      a. create a community of believers
      b. create a union between the believer and Christ
      c. reveal the believer's exalted state
      d. represent a Christian's death with Christ
  8. Paul defends himself and his beliefs using the rhetorical tool of
      a. apology
      b. justification
      c. epistle
      d. diatribe
Self quiz
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