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Self quiz

Self quiz

  1. Among his contemporaries, Paul was
      a. loved and highly respected by everyone
      b. controversial
      c. uniformly hated
      d. universally acknowledged as an authority
  2. How many books of the New Testament claim to have been written by Paul?
      a. 5
      b. 10
      c. 13
      d. 15
  3. According to the New Testament, Paul
      a. was violently opposed to Christianity
      b. immediately converted to Christianity
      c. was indifferent to Christianity
      d. immediately believed Jesus was the messiah
  4. The term "pseudepigrapha" means
      a. genuine writings
      b. writing under a false name
      c. knowledge
      d. revelation
  5. Which of the following is not one of the Pastoral Epistles?
      a. 1 Timothy
      b. 2 Timothy
      c. 1 John
      d. Titus
  6. The term "deutero-Pauline" means
      a. second Paul
      b. second rate
      c. a sequel
      d. a genuine Pauline letter
  7. Paul wrote his letters around
      a. 10 B.C.E.
      b. 15 C.E.
      c. 35 C.E.
      d. 50 C.E.
  8. All of the following are differences between Acts and Paul's genuine letters except
      a. Paul's itinerary
      b. whether Paul went straight to Jerusalem after his conversion
      c. whether Paul's mission was primarily to Gentiles
      d. whether Paul always tried to minister Jews in the synagogues before preaching to Gentiles
  9. Paul was a
      a. Pharisee
      b. Sadducee
      c. Essene
      d. Zealot
  10. Paul wrote in
      a. Aramaic
      b. Hebrew
      c. Greek
      d. Latin
  11. Paul referred to Jesus as
      a. a fraud
      b. a charlatan
      c. the first-fruit of the resurrection
      d. the Word
  12. Paul believed all of the following about the Law except
      a. it puts a person in a right standing before God
      b. it shows that everyone is alienated from God
      c. it points out human sinfulness
      d. it has been misused
Self quiz
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