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Music in Ireland

Welcome to the companion page for Music in Ireland, by Dorothea E. Hast and Stanley Scott. On this site you'll find the following useful resources.


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"Music in Ireland is arguably what education providers have been waiting for - essentially an ethnomusicological study of traditional music in performance, which moves away from the strictly parochial and national, but yet presents music and song involving both individuals and communities....It is a refreshing read for anyone inside the music, and particularly for those who would like to get an all-in synopsis."
--Fintan Valley The Journal of Music in Ireland (Sept.-Oct. 2004)

"This outstanding book [Music in Ireland ] fills a long standing lacuana. It will immediately become the standard introductory text for Irish music, and it should remain so for the foreseeable future-it's hard to imagine what could surpass it. The material is elegantly organized and very well presented. I particularly like the way the reader is welcomed into real traditional music events; in these sections the material truly comes alive. The recorded examples are lovely."
--James Cowdery, author of The Melodic Traditions of Ireland

In a new volume in Oxford"s Global Music Series, the subtitle "Experiencing Music, Expressing Culture" emphasizes the musical force gained by Irish music from its being rooted in the local"Hast and Scott provide an overview easily enjoyed in a couple of sittings along with accompanying 28-track CD, keyed to their informative text. Although designed for the classroom, this volume can inform anyone about the background, current context, and permutations of Irish Music."
--Seaghan O Murchu, "The Harp New Strung: Music in Ireland," The Blanket (August 2004)