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Music in West Africa

Welcome to the companion page for Music in West Africa, by Ruth M. Stone. On this page you will find a number of useful resources.

Key features

  • About the Book
  • About the Author
  • Sample chapter from the text
  • Instructor's manual
    Designed by educational consultant Bryan Burton to reinforce concepts and enhance the study of West African music, this manual includes activities and assignments, projects and worksheets for in-class use, overhead transparencies, and sample quiz questions.
  • Note (and correction) regarding extra track on CD that accompanies the text

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MUSIC IN WEST AFRICA considers the foundations of regional West African sound, analyzing basic style concepts based on a case study of performance in Liberia among the Kpelle people. Ruth Stone provides a narrowed and scholarly focus in chapters which consider call and response patterns, layered tones in vocal structures, and underlying polyrhythms, using specific quotes and examples from Liberia's Kpelle performers....Add eyewitness accounts of performances and descriptions of how musical performances interact with local social systems and you have a blend of music theory and anthropology unique to this series.--D. C. Donovan, Editor, WorldDiscoveries.net