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Music in Bulgaria

Welcome to the companion site for for Music in Bulgaria, by Timothy Rice. On this site you will find a number of useful resources.


  • About the Book
  • About the Author
  • Sample chapter from the text
  • Instructor's manual. Designed by series co-editor and educational consultant Patricia Shehan Campbell to reinforce concepts and enhance the study of Bulgarian music, this manual include activities and assignments, projects and worksheets for in-class use, overhead transparencies, and sample quiz questions

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" Music in Bulgaria, part of the Global Music Series meets the objective of the series: to provide an in-depth understanding of a culture or region through "case studies", rather than the traditional survey".This type of in-depth text with thorough descriptions of the fieldwork done by an ethnomusicologist has long been needed by educators who wish to bring more genuine world music experiences to their students. It is certainly a vast improvement over texts that have served as standards in the past."-Douglas C. Orzolek, assistant professor of music education and associate director of bands at the University of St Thomas in St. Paul, MN, in Music Educator"s Journal, November 2004.