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Carnival Music in Trinidad

Welcome to the companion site for for Carnival Music in Trinidad, by Shannon Dudley. On this site you will find a number of useful resources.


  • About the Book
  • About the Author
  • Sample chapter from the text
  • Instructor's manual. Designed by educational consultant Victor Fung to reinforce concepts and enhance the study of Carnival music in Trinidad, this manual includes activities and assignments that promote active and critical thinking about the material, projects and worksheets for in-class use, overhead transparencies, and sample quiz questions.

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Shannon Dudley uses his personal, hands-on experience and his plethora of historical knowledge about Trinidadian culture to create a very informative book, Carnival Music in Trinidad, a volume in the Global Music Series. He describes how calypso music came to exist and the historical, social, and musical changes that it has undergone, melding these various aspects seamlessly and describing scenes so vividly that the reader can easily feel the beat of the heavy bass from the DJ"s truck as it passes by or picture the excitement of the crowd as they watch the Calypso Monarch Competition Finals". Carnival Music in Trinidad helps to reveal threads of commonality between various types of music, performers, composers, and people. This book is accurate in its accounts of historical events, influences on calypso music, and the issues that face calypso music today."-JaNell Lynn Wilder, in Music Educator"s Journal, November 2004.